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SM200 - Studio Speaker

SM200 - Studio Speaker

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SM200 - Studio Speaker

The Airpulse SM200 Precision Monitor Loudspeaker designed by world-renowned designer Phil Jones, is the epitome of excellence and has been crafted with the utmost care and precision to deliver natural, true, and clean sound quality. The SM200 focuses on providing a flat and an accurate frequency response for critical listening for music engineers and musicians.

From its unique horn-loaded ribbon tweeter to its high-strength MDF constructed cabinet, every aspect of the SM200 has been designed with your satisfaction in mind. With a high-strength aluminum diaphragm to reduce cone breakup distortion and a 38mm large voice coil, the SM200 is designed to handle powerful audio and avoid power compression. This results in a naturally flat frequency response without artificial enhancement, allowing mixing engineers to identify any mixing defects and deficiencies. Ideal for use in recording and home studios, the SM200 provides audiophiles with a clean and natural sound quality.

The SM200 features a Bi-Amping amplifier system with a digital front stage control and a high-output power analog amplifier in the rear stage. With a maximum SPL of 104dB per pair, the SM200 boasts standard XLR and TRS balanced input sockets, and RCA unbalanced sockets, offering compatibility with a wide range of audio sources. The rear panel display shows level and input settings for ease of use.

Compact in design, the SM200 takes up minimal space and can be placed anywhere in a room. The filter’s variable low frequency and variable filter slope will optimally integrate with the system’s subwoofer for a seamless performance.

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