About Us

Enter the world of superior sound with Airpulse, a Phil Jones legacy speaker company.

British audio engineering has been lauded the world over. And in the Airpulse speaker range, reference sound quality is delivered with great aplomb. Impeccable in design and built to last, this high performance speaker brand is the beginning of an auditory sensory journey.

The Airpulse brand is trademarked and owned by the Platinum Audio Systems Company, founded in 2004 by renowned speaker designer and audio engineer, Phil Jones in partnership with Edifier Technology Co., Ltd, manufacturer of Edifier speakers and headphones. 

Specializing in the design and development of consumer, professional and MI products, Airpulse is the epitome of Phil Jones creative journey spanning decades spent in pursuit of developing the perfect loudspeaker. Phil Jones is a legendary speaker designer who founded another speaker brand, Acoustic Energy in 1987 and designed the now equally legendary AE-1 near-field monitors that were used in Abbey Road Studios amongst other notable venues of music.

A decade later he went on to design and produce the Platinum Air Pulse 3.1 loudspeaker system in 1998 that challenged the minds and hearts of audiophiles worldwide for its innovative design methodology. Priced at a cool USD$275,000 a pair, Phil Jones was awarded the prestigious Golden Sound Award for Best Loudspeaker developed over the last 100 years, by the Japan Audio Society.

Continuing the company’s legacy in both consumer and professional audio products, Airpulse powered speakers combine reference monitor sound quality and timeless retro styling for the discerning music lover. Guided by the simple design philosophy for simplicity and efficiency, a considerable about of research was spent on product design and the selection of components. The company’s dedication and acute attention to detail combined has contributed to the Airpulse speakers’ indelible performance.


Prepare for the next step in auditory revolution with the musical and tonal genius of Phil Jones. Phil Jones’ achievements in audio engineering made him the ideal lead designer for AirPulse. Since 1994 Phil has been designing and producing AirPulse loud speaker systems that have won awards such as the Golden Sound Award for the best loud speaker developed in the last 100 years. Phil’s speakers have been used by legendary studios such as Abby Road Studios. Now, Phil aspires to bring about the next generation of sound with AirPulse.

Phil Jones was born in London, England during the days of Britain's musical revolution.

As a determined 14 year old, Phil decides to build his first bass guitar, amplifier and speaker cabinet because he could not afford to buy them.

Phil joined the legendary Vitavox Loudspeaker Co. as production engineer making high performance cinema sound and home audio loudspeakers. This was where he honed his skills and understanding of sound reinforcement.

At 27 years old, Phil started his own sound reinforcement company in London using his own proprietary designs. He was the first in the world to develop subwoofers in sound reinforcement systems and first to discover the phenomenon of power compression in audio transducers. He pioneered the use of Ferro-fluid technology in PA compression drivers.

Founded Acoustic Energy and designed the famous AE-1 near-field monitors; used in Abby Road Studios among many others.

For the next four years, Phil worked at Boston Acoustics and designed the company's premier Lynnfield Series loudspeakers. Phil Jones and the 500I loudspeaker.

Founded Platinum Audio designing and manufacturing hi-fi speakers and monitors. Image attached is the Platinum Solo speakers.

The culmination of Phil's extensive career came in 1998 when he designed and produced the iconic Air Pulse loudspeaker system. Praised by Japan Audio Society for its genius design, he was awarded the Golden Sound Award for best loudspeaker developed in a 100-year history of loudspeakers. These speakers stand over 7ft tall, weighs more than 1,200 lbs. per speaker and costs $275K per pair. A total of 10 sets have been sold to date.

Phil founded American Acoustic Development (AAD) for pro audio, home and mobile use. Within the existing product portfolio includes hi-fi speakers, guitar amplifiers and PA systems.

Phil pioneered the use of 5″ drivers for bass guitar amplifiers after 10 years of research. This brought him to his next venture with the founding of Phil Jones Bass focused on developing hi-fi amplifiers for bass players.