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A80 - Active Bookshelf Speaker

A80 - Active Bookshelf Speaker

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The A80 is AIRPULSE introduction to plug & play Hifi. Designed to appeal to a younger audience through its ease of use, multiple connections and functionality, this beautiful walnut finish speaker boasts high end & hifi components at affordable pricing. The A80 active speaker is the ideal entry into hifi listening.

Following the successful launch of the A200 and A300, the all-new A80 diminutive bookshelf speakers with a 4'5” aluminum cone ferrite magnet woofer now join the Airpulse active speaker family. The perfect combination of Hi-Res digital audio processing technology and a youthful sturdy system that pays homage to hifi speakers of old, the A80 is a High-Fidelity audio system with intoxicating sound quality and immense visual appeal. The A80 adopts its sound characteristics from our flagship model the 7001 near-field monitor speakers designed by Phil Jones. Using the same XMOS core as its older siblings, this unassumingly basic cabinet delivers outstanding performance beyond expectations.

Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

Signal-Noise Ratio

Input Mode
AUX, PC, USB, Optical, Bluetooth.

Amplifier System
Digtal Amplifer With Xmos Processor

Sample Rate Input Sensitivity
AUX: 450± 50mV | PC: 550±50mV | USB: 400±50mFFs | Optical: 400±50mFFs | Bluetooth: 450±50mFFs

Power Output
100W RMS (40w x 2+10W x 2)

Net Weight
9.3 Kg(20lbs)
4.5inch Aluminium ferrite magnet
Gross Weight
9.3Kg (20lbs)
Cabinet Size (WxHxD)
Packing Size(HxWxD)
160 x 283 x 255 mm
Mains Voltage
100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz
Frequency Range

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