Airpulse introduces A80 active loudspeaker

Airpulse introduces A80 active loudspeaker

Credits: Hi-Fi Choice

Airpulse has released a new bookshelf speaker – the A80 – which the company says it: “created to be the perfect combination of conventional loudspeaker and digital XMOS system”.

 An entry-level plug-and-play standmount from ex-Acoustic Energy designer Phil Jones, the A80 utilises the brand’s signature horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter and proprietary 114mm magnet ferrite mid/bass unit to drive the system. AirPulse says: “The thin aluminium ribbon diaphragm has high sensitivity, superb transient response, extended frequency range and well-defined resolution. This meticulously formulated horn shape produces directional and optimised high frequencies from the ribbon tweeter so they are aimed at the listener, minimising unwanted inflections and producing a superior, three-dimensional sound with excellently defined details.”

The mid/bass driver is a hard anodised aluminium alloy cone suspended in a heavy, ultra-rigid cast magnesium alloy frame. It features a 30mm diameter voice coil and the interior is padded with professional pyramid soundproofing foam, reducing unwanted resonance, while the oval vent tube is designed with a view to minimise wind noise while in use. The A80 cabinet is built using 18-mm thick high-strength MDF and comes in Walnut or Electric Blue finishes.

Connections to the A80 include AUX, RCA, optical, coaxial, USB, professional balanced in and Bluetooth 5.0.

Bass, treble and volume controls are located on the back and a remote control that allows the user to switch between inputs, adjust volume and mute the speakers is bundled. The A80’s dimensions are quoted as: 140 x 250 x 220mm (WxHxD).

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