Airpulse A100 + WiiM Ultra

Perfect Harmony: Airpulse A100 Speakers and WiiM Ultra at the High End Munich Audio Show

Airpulse A100 and WiiM Ultra showcased at the High End Munich Show

At Airpulse, we're excited to spotlight the showcase of our acclaimed Airpulse A100 speakers in a stunning display alongside the newly launched WiiM Ultra at the High End Munich Audio Show. This pairing underscores our commitment to delivering outstanding audio quality and elegant design, and we're eager to demonstrate how well these products complement each other in any sophisticated audio setup.

The Airpulse A100 Speakers: Compact Design, Monumental Performance

The Airpulse A100 represents the pinnacle of compact speaker design, offering an intoxicating blend of high-fidelity sound and understated elegance. Designed to integrate seamlessly into any home audio system, the A100 speakers bring the audio heritage of our high-end models to a more accessible format.

Key Features of the Airpulse A100:

  • Elegant Aesthetic: The A100 speakers boast an exquisite piano lacquer finish, available in black or red, which mirrors the design language of our flagship 7001 near-field monitor speakers, designed by Phil Jones.
  • Advanced Audio Components: Featuring a horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter for detailed high frequencies, and a 5-inch aluminium chassis low-distortion bass and mid-range driver, the A100 delivers a sound that is both expansive and precisely detailed.
  • Highly Engineered Enclosure: Each speaker is housed in an 18-mm thick high-strength MDF cabinet, finished with a luxurious piano lacquer. Internally, high-quality AmericanTRANSPARENT cable is used to ensure minimal signal loss.
  • Powerful Amplification and Inputs: Equipped with a high efficiency Class D amplifier with DSP, the A100 supports multiple inputs including Bluetooth, AUX, PC, USB, and optical, covering a wide frequency range from 52Hz to 40kHz and boasting Hi-Res certification.

The WiiM Ultra: Smart Streaming Redefined

The WiiM Ultra, launched at the Munich show, serves as the ultimate digital hub for modern audio systems, enhancing the capabilities of the Airpulse A100 by providing high-resolution audio streaming and versatile connectivity.

Key Features of the WiiM Ultra:

  • Superior DAC Technology: Utilizes a state-of-the-art 32-bit/384kHz ES9038Q2M SABRE DAC, ensuring unmatched audio clarity and detail.
  • Extensive Connectivity Options: From HDMI ARC to dedicated subwoofer outputs, the WiiM Ultra supports a wide array of connections, making it an ideal partner for the A100 speakers.
  • Intelligent Integration: Fully compatible with major voice assistants and capable of multi-room audio setups, the WiiM Ultra brings smart home audio to new heights.

Celebrating a Perfect Pairing

The display of Airpulse A100 speakers with the WiiM Ultra at the Munich Audio Show perfectly illustrates how top-tier design can meet cutting-edge technology. This synergy not only enhances the visual appeal but also elevates the listening experience, providing audio enthusiasts with a setup that excels in every aspect.

Discover More

We invite you to explore how the Airpulse A100 speakers and the WiiM Ultra can transform your listening experience. Contact us for more details on this fantastic combination, and see why they are the perfect complement to any discerning audiophile's collection.

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