Introducing the Airpulse SW8 Powered Subwoofer: Unleashing a New Era of Audio Brilliance

Introducing the Airpulse SW8 Powered Subwoofer: Unleashing a New Era of Audio Brilliance

In an exciting announcement highlighted by StereoNET, renowned designer Phil Jones is back with the newly announced Airpulse SW8 compact 8” active subwoofer. Engineered to exceed the demands of both home theatre aficionados and music connoisseurs alike, the SW8 sets a new standard in the world of audio, defying expectations with its compact size and groundbreaking bass performance.

A Harmonious Companion for Your Audio Setup

The SW8 is the perfect companion for active bookshelf speakers, desktop monitors, or even soundbars, augmenting the lower registers with precision and power. Featuring an 8-inch long-throw woofer paired with a robust 170W RMS Class D amplifier, Airpulse ensures accurate and powerful bass response that is both deep and clean. Whether it’s an intense movie scene or a high-energy musical performance, the SW8 enhances every audio setting with its exceptional capabilities.

Seamless Integration with Airpulse Active Speakers

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Airpulse's A80, A100, and SM200 active speakers, the SW8 creates a dynamic synergy that immerses you in a full spectrum of sound where every note is not just heard but felt. Boyd Dainton, Owner and Managing Director of Audacity Australia, shares his enthusiasm: “The Airpulse range gives Australians an added dimension to their home theatre/gaming room performance. It is the ideal house setup for family entertainment.”

Precision and Customization

The SW8 is equipped with a built-in analogue preamp that ensures precise and impactful audio delivery, allowing listeners to feel the music and movies with clarity that demands attention. Additionally, users can take control of their audio experience with the SW8's gain, low-pass crossover, and phase controls. These features allow for the customization of low-frequency tones to seamlessly blend with your speakers, creating an audio atmosphere perfectly suited to your room.

Universal Compatibility

Effortlessly harmonize the SW8 with standard home theatre receivers, thanks to its line-level/LFE RCA inputs. This universal compatibility ensures superior sound integration without complications. Whether connected to other active speakers, soundbars, or AV receivers, the SW8 enhances your audio setup with ease.

Aesthetic Excellence

Beyond its audio prowess, the SW8 is a visual standout designed to blend seamlessly with any décor. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your entertainment space, making it not only an audio powerhouse but also an aesthetic enhancement.

Key Features

  • Rich, Powerful Bass: 8-inch Long-Throw Speaker Driver
  • Potent 170W Class D Amplifier
  • Universal Compatibility: Line level/LFE RCA inputs
  • Customizable Audio Experience: Gain, variable low-pass crossover, and phase controls
  • Seamless Integration: Perfect companion for Airpulse A80, A100, and SM200 active speakers

Now Available for Pre-Order

The Airpulse SW8 is now available for pre-order and will start shipping on August 1st, 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your audio experience with this groundbreaking subwoofer.

Unleash a new era of audio brilliance with the Airpulse SW8 Powered Subwoofer, meticulously crafted by renowned audio visionary Phil Jones.

For more information and to pre-order, visit Airpulse SW8 Product Page.

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